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  • Condition:   Atopic Dermatitis
    Interventions:   Drug: Tralokinumab;   Drug: Placebo
    Sponsor:   LEO Pharma
    Recruiting - verified September 2017

  • Condition:   Peanut Allergy
    Intervention:   Biological: AR101
    Sponsor:   Aimmune Therapeutics, Inc.
    Recruiting - verified September 2017

  • Conditions:   Overweight;   Obesity;   Insulin Resistance
    Interventions:   Other: Plant-based diet;   Other: Control Diet
    Sponsors:   Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine;   Yale University
    Recruiting - verified July 2017

  • Condition:   Prostatic Neoplasms
    Interventions:   Drug: BAY1841788 / darolutamide (ODM-201);   Drug: Standard ADT (androgen deprivation therapy);   Drug: Docetaxel;   Drug: Placebo
    Sponsors:   Bayer;   Orion Corporation, Orion Pharma
    Recruiting - verified August 2017

  • Condition:   Asthma
    Sponsors:   National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID);   Inner-City Asthma Consortium
    Recruiting - verified September 2017

  • Conditions:   BRCA Rearrangement;   Deleterious BRCA1 Gene Mutation;   Deleterious BRCA2 Gene Mutation;   Endometrial Undifferentiated Carcinoma;   Fallopian Tube Clear Cell Adenocarcinoma;   Fallopian Tube Transitional Cell Carcinoma;   Ovarian Clear Cell Adenocarcinoma;   Ovarian Endometrioid Tumor;   Ovarian Seromucinous Carcinoma;   Ovarian Serous Tumor;   Ovarian Transitional Cell Carcinoma;   Recurrent Fallopian Tube Carcinoma;   Recurrent Ovarian Carcinoma;   Recurrent Primary Peritoneal Carcinoma;   Undifferentiated Fallopian Tube Carcinoma;   Undifferentiated Ovarian Carcinoma
    Interventions:   Drug: Carboplatin;   Drug: Cediranib Maleate;   Drug: Gemcitabine Hydrochloride;   Other: Laboratory Biomarker Analysis;   Drug: Olaparib;   Drug: Paclitaxel;   Drug: Pegylated Liposomal Doxorubicin Hydrochloride;   Other: Pharmacological Study;   Other: Quality-of-Life Assessment
    Sponsors:   National Cancer Institute (NCI);   AstraZeneca
    Recruiting - verified August 2017

  • Conditions:   Hormone Sensitive Prostate Cancer;   Prostate Cancer;   Cancer of the Prostate
    Interventions:   Drug: Enzalutamide;   Drug: Placebo;   Drug: Leuprolide
    Sponsors:   Pfizer;   Astellas Pharma Inc;   Medivation, Inc.
    Recruiting - verified September 2017

  • Conditions:   Stroke;   Brain Infarction;   Brain Ischemia;   Cerebral Infarction;   Cerebrovascular Disorders
    Interventions:   Behavioral: Early Intensive upper extremity motor training;   Behavioral: Sub-acute intensive upper extremity motor training;   Behavioral: Chronic intensive upper extremity motor training;   Behavioral: Control
    Sponsors:   MedStar National Rehabilitation Network;   Georgetown University;   University of Wisconsin, Madison;   The Catholic University of America;   Medstar Health Research Institute
    Recruiting - verified May 2017